We all know those people, the ones that you slightly dread having to buy Christmas presents for – not because you don’t want to seek out something super for them, but because it always seems so impossible to figure what exactly they might like.

So, in honour of these rather pesky present-deserving people, I’ve put together a special gift guide, which I believe contains a little something for everyone – whether they’re one of your bestest pals, or a fellow colleague whose name you picked out of the Secret Santa stash at work.


1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen £7.99 One of the most iconic novels in British literature (in my opinion, that is!), wrapped up in a beautifully-designed cover. What’s not to love?

2. Caterpillar Bud Vase $20 I mentioned back on one of my other gift guides that vases are just a lovely gift to receive – and aren’t something that people really tend to buy for themselves. This one is particularly quirky and would look amazing with a few fresh Spring blooms in it.

3. Glass Filled Scented Candle £25 This is the present that just keeps on giving. After the candle has burned down, the recipient is left with a beautiful glass decorative item that can be used again and again.

4. One Line a Day, a Five-Year Memory Book $10 I have one of these myself and think they make for a great present. It’s a great way to document the new year – and how you’re feeling at the start of it, particularly as you can go back again and again for five years to see what you’ve been up to.

5. Siracha To Go Keyring $7 Calling all spicy food lovers…

6. Skinny Dip USB Cable £10 I know a USB cable might seem like a bizarre present to buy for somebody, but actually they are really ruddy handy, particularly when they look as cool as this one.

7. Selfie Stick $30 A telescopic selfie stick – the only present for social media fans this Christmas.

8. Manatea Infuser £10 I feel like no tea lover could fail to find this amusing.

9. Copper Rimmed Box $15 H&M’s home section is just full to the brim of beautiful stuff at the moment; whether or not you give this to someone else (or perhaps keep it for you…!), it will undoubtedly look beautiful wherever it goes.

10. Unicorn Hottie £9 I couldn’t resist, it was just too cute…

11. Fixie Pizza Cutter $23 Whether or not your chosen recipient is a cycling fan, I feel like this pizza cutter could provide the perfect amount of quirky banter between the two of you. Just sayin…

12. Copper Box $7 I know I’m starting to sound a bit obsessed but I just think this copper stuff from H&M is amazing.

13. Mason Jar Speaker and Amplifier $65 A helluva lot easier to carry round than the full size deal, but with all of the sound qualities of one of the big brand speaker systems.

14. & 15. Neon Acrylic Boxes £18-25 Another pretty jazzy decorative item which I think few people would pick up for themselves.

16. Smartphone Projector $27 A build-it-at-home, DIY projector which lets you beam the contents of your iPhone onto a big screen or wall. What person woulnd’t want this?!

17. Owl Mug £8 Another seriously cute interiors present that I think  you could get away with giving a guy or a girl. What do you guys thin? 

18. World Salt Set $40 Any cooking fans out there? This one is for them…


One thought on “Christmas 2014: What to buy those impossible people

  1. tirurit says:

    Oh yeah, we all have a couple of those difficult people in our families, right?

    This is a great selection!

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