‘Christmas isn’t just a day, it is a state of mind.’

Is it just me, or is this month whizzing by far too quickly? In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m such a huge fan of this time of year and, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it actually makes me a little bit sad that December seems to be going by so fast.

But it got me to thinking – there are things about this time of year that I certainly need to do more to try and carry on through every other month. Because, as much as I love all of the decorations, the gift giving and the incredible carol singing, when it comes down to it, the best bit about December is the general feeling of happiness and festivity that can be found all around.

It seems that most people just can’t help but be inspired by a bit of holiday cheer – and as a result they’re smiling at others, doing nice things and just really being totally lovely. Which is something I think we need to keep doing all the year round, no? 

Similarly, I tend to be so much more enthusiastic about everything at this time of year. Even really basic tasks like going to the supermarket or walking home from the train station become instantly more exciting and enjoyable thanks to the Christmassy decorations and festive twinkle lights that can be found everywhere you venture. But that go-get-em mentality and (sorry to sound like a cliche) thirst for life is another thing I want to bring forward and remember on every other day of the year – Christmas decs or not.

So, while I’m desperate to cling onto December for as long as possible, I’m also eagerly looking forward to the months ahead – and carrying some of that Christmas spirit on through the year. Ho ho ho, Merry 2015.



One thought on “Some Sunday thoughts on December flying by too quickly

  1. lucycowlin says:

    Lovely post! Lucy x

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