In light of the fact that it is Christmas Jumper Day in the UK and Ugly Christmas Sweater *shudder* Day here in the US tomorrow, I thought the time was nigh to post a couple of my favorite festive knits in case you want to dash out and grab one in time for all that fun. Or, if wearing a Crimbo jumper to work ain’t your thing, perhaps you are eager to invest in one of the snazzier styles for Christmas Day; I myself will no doubt be modelling several of the above during the next few weeks.

1. Marks and Spencer Embellished Bow Jumper £17.50 

2. Marks and Spencer Candy Cane Jumper £17.50

3. Topshop Candy Cane Jumper £42

4. Topshop Dec 25th Jumper £42

5. Topshop Fairisle Jumper £25

6. New Look Polar Bear Jumper £18.50

7. Marks and Spencer Five Gold Rings Jumper £24.50

8. Funky Christmas Jumpers Elf Jumper £39.99

9. New Look Tis The Season Jumper £14.99

10. Marks and Spencer Robin Fairisle Jumper £17.50

And remember, Christmas Jumper Day in the UK is being held to raise money for Save the Children – so make sure you head HERE and donate to the cause!


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2014: Some tip top festive jumpers

  1. Mary B says:

    nr 9 is just soo cute:)

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