I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to *cough* that time of the month *cough* for me, I tend to suffer from some pretty horrendous hormonal breakouts, particularly on my chin and jawline, and around my mouth. Yet another monthly perk to add to the pile!

But over the years, I’ve managed – slowly but surely – to create a system that helps me to deal with, though sadly not eliminate completely, the issue before it starts to grow into something quite unmanageable.

I like to operate with a ‘defence is the best form of attack’ type strategy, which basically means I go into overdrive trying to ensure that all those horrible hormonal blemishes don’t become too much of a problem in the first place, rather than waiting for them to appear before actually trying to do anything in order to tackle the problem.

First things first: WATER. Drink loads of it. And I mean loads. It would take me too long to list the number of brilliant benefits that this alone will have on your skin if you chug enough of it down, so always ensure in the days leading up to your period that you always have some handy, I promise it will help to head those spots off before they even start appearing.

Next up, the skincare routine. Now, I don’t like to deviate too much beyond my favourite line-up of products, but I do tend to rotate in a few more of those blemish-tackling bits and pieces, like my Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanserwhich cleans out the pores and tackles acne without stripping or drying the skin, and my Lush Eau Roma Waterwhich helps to soothe and calm any inflammation or redness. If any blemishes do manage to make their way through, I tend to try and reduce them down using the Mario Badescu Drying Creaman on-the-spot (excuse the pun!) acne treatment which can be used during the day or overnight.

I do also think it is vitally important that you make sure your skin is keeping nice and hydrated. I know that might seem a bit counter-productive when your skin feels oilier than usual, but you really do need to ensure that your complexion is receiving a serious amount of TLC, particularly at this most painful time of the month. Try a light, but nourishing, day cream – something like the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturiser – for the mornings and then a lovely lightweight soothing face oil – like the Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil – which will leave your skin feeling perfectly pampered and cared for.

The only thing that’s left to do is treat yourself – curl up in front of the fire, enjoy a good magazine, watch a film. Enjoy some ruddy relaxation!


3 thoughts on “Dealing with PMS (pretty miserable spots)

  1. brazenrouge says:

    I have exactly the same prob. Really clear skin then bam 3 days before my period a huge painful under the skin spot on my chin mouth area x

  2. Anne says:

    Those spots are awful and really painful as well 😦 I have found a liquid exfoliator (with acid) like Pixi Glow Toner or Ren Clarifying Toner works really well to combat them and makes them disappear much quicker if they do appear.

  3. tirurit says:

    I suffer the same problem! I might check out some of your recommendations or similar products as I must confess that I have no specific system in place right now on how to deal with them

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