I do hope you guys don’t mind me blogging about Christmas at every available opportunity! But I just can’t resist. Particularly as my surroundings are currently looking particularly festive thanks to our amazing new tree – which we chopped down ourselves, I might add!

After mentioning a few weeks ago all of the UK-based Christmas traditions that I’m worried about missing out on, I decided that I just needed to get stuck in to some new fun and festive activities here in the US, a strategy which has been proving pretty ruddy ace if I do say so myself.

First of all, there are the decorations – I’ve tried to mix and match my favourite decorations from London, which I did bring over in my suitcase, along with some new ones that I’ve picked up here in the US, like my Elf on the Shelf, which I love.

For those of you that don’t know, the Elf on the Shelf is a genius Christmas tradition which is technically meant for children (pfff) and involves parents getting their children a Scout Elf from Santa’s workshop who can keep an eye on goings on in the house and then report back to the North Pole about whether or not the children have been naughty or nice! Now, my elf doesn’t tend to make any trips back to the Pole – surprisingly – but he is very much enjoying being perched on my shelf, keeping a beady eye on all of the festive fun that we’re having.

Then there is the tree. Oh the tree. We actually went to a ‘Christmas tree cutting down party’ yesterday and got the chance to wander round, select the perfect tree and then saw it down ourselves. And despite the rain, I had the best time ever. We got an amazing tree – if I do say so myself – and I personally think it looks ruddy brilliant all decorated with pretty things. One weird thing I’ve noticed however… Apparently Americans aren’t big fans of tinsel!? WELL, I personally love the stuff but it’s nigh on impossible to track down. I settled for red bows instead, but next year I might have to make plans to import some…..!

What Christmas traditions are you guys enjoying this year?


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