Nov1 Nov2

It’s December at last! HURRAH! Christmas is nearly here…

As for the month of November, it has positively flown by; it’s so hard to believe that I’ve been here for more than a month already and I’m so excited for all the fun festivities that the next few weeks will bring.

Favourites-wise, it’s a bit of a mixed bag this month, with a good dose of beauty bits and a few other random bits and pieces thrown in for good measure! First up, an oldie but a goodie, the Sleek Make Up Face Contour Kit (£6.49)which has become my favourite contour method of choice in recent weeks – even more so than my much-loved Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt and Glow, would you believe. And to top off the cheeks, I’ve really been enjoying using the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Blissful (c/o £23.50)which is one of the most natural-looking blush products in my make up arsenal.

Moving on to eyes, I recently purchased the Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer ($7.99)which I’ve been using to conceal my under eye circles. While it’s not the most pigmented, full-coverage concealer in the world, it does a really great job of brightening up my big ole bags – and it remains cake and crease free for the whole day. Another eye favourite is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($20)which I have spoken about so many times in the past – so I won’t bore you again. Suffice to say it lives up to its waterproof promises, offers a blacker than black colour pay-off and glides on beautifully.

My only skincare item this month is the Darphin Melaperfect Anti-Dark Spots Perfecting Treatment (c/o £84). This stuff, although pricey, has been an absolute dream during the past month – and has dramatically helped to reduce the appearance of my old blemish scars and marks, fading them into pretty much nothing. Plus it really helps to smooth out the skin before you apply your make up in the morning. In other words, a general all-round do-gooder!

Moving on to the last few non-beauty related items and we’ll start with the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Hand Sanitizer ($1)Travelling on the subway every day can get a little bit… grubby, shall we say, so having this on-hand to help deal with any nasties that I might pick up is just great. Plus it smells incredible!

The last two favourites of the month are my Christmas PJs from Old Navy – which as you can see are seriously covered in dog hair thanks to numerous cuddle sessions with Simon’s two golden retrievers – which are cozy and comfy and oh-so festive! Then there are the Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds, my most-loved snack of the month. They’re fruity, they’re sweet, they are just delicious. Needless to say another Trader Joe’s trip will be planned very soon!

Happy December everyone!


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