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Whether or not you’re a Crimbo fan – in case you hadn’t guessed, I so am – it’s pretty hard to avoid the fact that the festive season is (finally) upon us. Hurrah!

And, in addition to all of the incredible decorations, festive foods and Christmassy traditions, this time of year brings with it one other very key factor – Christmas shopping. Now I know this causes a bit of anxiety for some people, but it’s actually one of my favourite bits of the festive season. I love picking out different gifts and presents for people, whether I’m picking from a pre-written list, or going from scratch.

But if you are one of those people who struggles to come up with ideas – and you’re shopping for a beauty-loving lady, or want to sneak in a few Christmassy treats for yourself! – I suggest you hot-foot it to Sephora as soon as you can in order to take advantage of the immense budget beauty sets that are currently lining the shelves.

First up, the Give Me Some Lip Set ($25)a sample-sized selection of some of the most immense lip products out there, including offerings from Bite, Smashbox and Urban Decay. In other words, it is a lip lovers’ dream collection – and one which I cannot recommend more. Similarly, if lips are your thang, the Bite Beauty Lip Sample Set ($25) is another brilliant set which contains four smaller-sized versions of their popular lip pencils, packaged up beautifully in a delightfully festive red tin.

Then there is the Draw The Line Set ($30)which is the eyeliner-focused alternative to the aforementioned lip sample set. It contains everything from liquid liners to kohl pencils – most of which are black – and includes brands like Kat Von D, Nars and Marc Jacobs.

Now if you’re not in the market for any Christmas presents, but are hoping to pick up a cheeky present for yourself, these gift sets are also a great way to test out products before you invest in the full size. So really you’re saving money… Right?! 


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