Yes I know, it’s pretty early in the year to be thinking about Christmas, but no, that hasn’t stopped me from whacking up a load of decorations, investing in some (pretty pricey) festive sheets and listening to the Michael Buble Christmas album at every available opportunity.

But no matter how hard I try, everything just seems a bit different over here, Christmas-wise. Which is to be expected I guess… For one thing, everyone is too busy obsessing about Thanksgiving to really pay any attention to Christmas yet. I mean, people DECORATE for Thanksgiving. Who knew!?

And now this will sound really silly (prepare yourselves) but I’m actually really missing Primark. As far as I can tell, there really isn’t an exact alternative out here – and believe me, I have searched far and wide! I miss shopping for my Primark Christmas bedding (the selection this year looks superb, if you are lucky enough to be near a Primark!), I miss buying more festive onesies than one person could ever need, and I really miss picking out my Primark Christmas jumper(s) for the year.

But there are also plenty of things that I’m incredibly excited about over here. There’s the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and accompanying ice skating rink (which is actually already there, but I’m not about to go until the tree arrives!), there are all of the Christmas Tree cutting down parties (uh huh) and there are all of the new friends that I’ve made over here who are so eager to help make this first Christmas away from home one of the best ever.

So, some festive pros and cons. And I know a lot of the cons are just silly ones – after all, I managed to find some pretty EPIC Martha Stewart flannel bedding yesterday so who needs Primark, eh?!


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