* fast food without the guilt thanks to katy perry for claire’s *

Another busy week – and another freezing cold one. For those of you interested, I finally made a decision about the coats… Keeping the snazzy cozy furry one and taking the other one back. Mainly because it makes me look like a burnt marshmallow. Sad but true.

Five favourites

Place: Anywhere inside, basically. Anywhere that has heating at any rate.

Food: Cinnamon rolls. I could quite easily eat my body weight in them and never stop wanting more.

Experience: Navigating my way around the city on a number of different occasions without getting lost. YAY ME.

Read/watch: I’ve just finished John Green’s Paper Towns and it was great. Not quite as good as The Fault in Our Stars (in my opinion) but still an ace read.

Beauty bit: The Body Shop Almond Hand CreamMy hands usually get so dry and chapped in the winter but this has been helping to ensure they stay silky soft and smooth.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @CharlieLanks!


* cacti *


* pretty dog walks *


* festive nails are a go *


* t’was a charlotte tilbury kind of morning *



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