* the organic pharmacy skin radiance c/o £45 *

In preparation for the freezing New York weather, I’ve been trying to do everything possible to take care of my skin and make it feel as healthy and happy as possible, in the hopes that the biting winds and potential snow falls won’t leave my complexion in too bad a state.

So, as well as cleansers, face creams, serums and moisturisers, I’ve also added some new supplements into my daily routine and thought I would share my thoughts on them.

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Radiance supplements are aimed at giving your complexion a bit of a general boost, helping to support your skin and ensure it is looking its best, both inside and out. Each pill is full to the brim of healthy ingredients – acai, bilberry, rose hip, zinc, goji and gotu kola – all of which are blended together to create what The Organic call ‘a highly nutritious formula aimed at protecting and nourishing the skin and helping to promote the formation of collagen within the skin and promote tissue repair’.

Having been taking the pills for a couple of weeks now, I can’t see I’ve seen a huge amount of difference in my skin – but, that said, I haven’t seen any major negative side effects as a result of the weather either which is quite likely to be as a result of the supplements…

Either way, they contain a whole heap of goodness and I can’t see any harm in continuing to take them – unless of course some unexpected side effects start to emerge!

The only major downsides that I’ve found thus far are the sheer volume of pills that you’re required to take in one go – the bottle recommends that you take four pills every morning with your breakfast. Four. That’s an awful lot of vitamins, no?! – and the pretty hefty price tag. £45 is quite a lot to pay for a bottle of supplements that will last for a month, in my opinion at least.

With regard to the first issue, if you’re not the biggest fan of sinking that many pills at one – you can empty the contents of the caplets into water or juice and enjoy them that way instead if you prefer! Just as long as you’re getting your green goodness…!

When it comes to the price however, I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that they’re worth it in the end. Here’s hopin!


3 thoughts on “A super fancy supplement: The Organic Pharmacy Skin Radiance

  1. Oh, I have some Organic Pharmacy skin care favourites myself! But I never tried this one! They are kind of pricey indeed, but the quality is worth every penny! 😊xx

    1. They really are. And I really do think the supplements are making a difference. Even if I do have to force all four down every day! x

      1. Really?! I’ll definitely try them! 👌xx

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