I know some of you will be looking at the title of this post thinking “WUUUUUT is hungry face?!” so I’m going to clear that up first and foremost before I crack on with the post. Now I’m not sure about you guys, but after a long old day at work, I tend to find that a good ole portion of my make-up has completely disappeared, gobbled up by my face throughout the day and leaving my complexion looking a wee bit patchy and messy.

But during the working day, applying make-up again and again is, quite frankly, a massive pain in the bum and isn’t really something that I want to be doing again and again – if anything, giving my face even more make-up to scoff on is likely to make the issue a whole heap worse.

So I’ve come up with something of a cosmetics compromise, a quick few steps that I can take first thing in the morning when first applying my make-up – and then a couple of quick fixes to help me avoid hungry face during the day.

Early in the AM, the key to keeping your make-up as fresh as possible for as long as possible is primer. And not just for your face – I also think eyeshadow primer is a must when you’re trying to ensure your make-up lasts for as long as possible. My personal favourites are the Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Primer (£10.99) for the face and the L’Oreal Magic De-Crease Eyeshadow Base ($8.99) for the eyes. Both really help to lock your make-up in place and create a bit of a barrier between your skin and your products, helping to avoid any foundation etc sinking on in and disappearing.

Sadly however, avoiding hungry face altogether is, at times, impossible. So, I always like to make sure that I carry around a couple of quick fixes whenever I know I’m going to be out and about for the long haul. First up, a good multi-purpose face brush – the Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush (£13.99) is ace and great for travel – which I like to use to re-blend any make-up which may have moved around during the day.

Then, I touch up any really patchy/blank areas with my L’Oreal True Match Concealer (£6.99) and follow up with a good dose of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder ($6.99) which eliminates any shine and sets everything back in place.

So, there you have it – #hungryfaceprobs solved in just a few speedy steps!


5 thoughts on “Five products to help you prevent a hungry face

  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Great post! 🙂

  2. Han says:

    I so get what you mean by a hungry face! I suffer with this big time and it’s so annoying. Thanks for the tips 🙂 x

  3. lkbeauty says:

    “hungry face” LOVE IT

  4. Whitney says:

    “Hungry Fact.” It’s such a fitting description hahaha. Have you tried Nars Smudgeproof? It’s the best eye primer I’ve found, esp. to prevent creasing.

    1. I have! I really like it actually, but there’s also a good L’Oreal dupe which I quite like – it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Nars one which is ideal when trying to save some pennies! x

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