I’ve now been living in New York/Connecticut for three whole weeks – I know, ages right?! – and while there are still some things that continue to amaze and astound me (there is no such thing as Boxing Day here, sob, but they do have DRIVE THRU BANKS Y’ALL), I feel like I’m slowly but surely starting to get to grips with life here.


So I thought I would take a quick tick to share with you some of the stuff that I’ve learned thus far:

** The subway will never be a pleasant experience. Ever.

** People The majority of people on the subway don’t follow any kind of etiquette or standard polite behaviours. They will push past you, shove you out of the way and happily trample on your toes without even so much as a sorry.

** There is so much going on everywhere. The city is just one big sensory overload – so much more so than London. It often feels like my eyes aren’t big enough to take it all in, but when they do, it’s a bloody marvel to behold.

** It’s a lot easier to be healthy here. There are incredible salad bars everywhere that will whip you up all manner of tasty – and low fat – lunchtime options…

** …And then they’ll deliver them to you. To your office, your home; they’d probably deliver them to a random spot on the street if you want. So it’s really a good thing I’m eating healthily because I’m not walking anywhere to pick up my lunch…

** Errr, it’s seriously chilly here. Having spent last winter wearing nothing thicker than a Barbour, I’ll admit the frostiness has come as a bit of a shock… Plus I just keep hearing how much colder it’s going to get so….! Winter coats all round.

Anyone else with some additional wisdom to share? Please do go ahead…!


One thought on “Some Sunday thoughts on being a New Yorker in training

  1. Mary B says:

    great post, enjoyed reading it very much:)

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