While rifling through the seemingly endless bags of beauty products that I packed for my trip, I have to admit I came across a fair few products that I had completely forgotten I had packed. That’s not to say they weren’t needed – some more than others – but just that it was an oh so delightful surprise to discover them hidden in the depths of my suitcase(s)…

One such surprising discovery was Barry M Sugar Apple Hi Shine Gelly Nail Polish (£2.99). And while it might not seem like the most obvious Autumnal shade, I have to admit I can see myself wearing this colour a helluva lot during the lead up to Christmas – particularly when paired with Essie Toggle To The Top (£7.99), a beautifully festive shade that adds a bit of holiday sparkle without being too OTT.

I think the two colours together just look amazing – a deep dark red and a bright baby-ish blue – and both formulas are just superb. Both polishes have an incredibly smooth and shiny finish, are easy to apply and are long lasting, meaning even someone as clumsy as me can maintain chip free nails for at least three or four days!

Some might even call that a Christmas miracle…!

*PS I’m really hoping that my technical issues will soon be solved and posting will be back to normal. Until then however, thank you for bearing with me and my slightly odd posts/schedule. x


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