November-2014-Desktop-Calendar-Wallpaper-polkadots-1280x800* photo courtesy of rompadomp *

So last night, I decided that it would be a good plan to download some snazzy new software for my Macbook. And I admit, I was sucked in by all of the whistles and bells that are attached to OS Yosemite – the latest and greatest creation from the people over at Apple. So much so that I didn’t even hesitate to think what disastrous consequences that quick little download might have.

Since giving the download the ok at about 8pm, I haven’t been able to do anything with my poor laptop. Nada. For some reason it just doesn’t seem to have enjoyed being brought up to speed with the new super snazzy software and is taking a break from the world to reboot and relax.

Sadly that means that I’ve had limited access to any kind of computing device for the past day, and am currently writing this on my iPhone – which is tricky when your fingers are as sausage-y as mine are!

But while I work out the technical glitches, I wanted to share with you all one last favourite that I missed out during my regular monthly marvels post last week – the above desktop design by Rompadomp. Any fans of the Kate Spade stationary line may recognise the gold spot design; a similar one features on a lot of their diaries and notebooks.

The clever lady behind the Rompadomp design website creates a new one of these every month and I am a huge fan. I feel like it just adds a little something something extra to my desktop, that is when I can next see my desktop of course… But for those of you not having to deal with the nightmare of Yosemite, the designs are completly free to download and there tend to be a few different ones each month in addition to the jazzy gold dotted design.

Apologies again for the change to my usual blogging service. Fingers crossed I will be back in action first thing tomorrow. I hope! 


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