As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, I recently moved from London to New York to start a new job – and I thought that, after hitting the two week mark, I’d share some of my thoughts about how it’s all going. I’m hoping it might be of use to any of you who are considering a move, whether it’s from one job to another, from one city to another, from one country to another, or, like me, all of the above.

I should start off by saying that I have been extremely lucky in terms of my move because I have quite a few family and friends who live in this area of the world and they have been just amazing at helping me settle in and get sorted. Without them I don’t think the process would have been anywhere near as easy as it has been and I’m oh-so grateful to them for all of their help and ongoing advice.

Now I’m not for a second saying that you need family and friends already set up in whatever location you are planning to move to, but it’s definitely worth reaching out to anyone and everyone that you know before you move just to see who might have some good advice. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were incredibly valuable sources of information and I also got the most amazing email from Sarah (who blogs over at City Girl’s Fashion Box) which was full of helpful hints, tips and suggestions for places that I should visit.

One of the biggest hurdles that I’ve had to face during the move is being a bit ignorant and useless when it comes to general day-to-day knowledge. While the US and the UK are incredibly similar in so many respects, there are also a huge number of really basic differences between them. Turning right on a red light, no Boxing Day – it just doesn’t exist here?! – no turkey on Christmas Day and back-to-front dates (so today is 11/9 rather than 9/11) are just some of the things that have had me gaping in shock during the past two weeks. And I’m sure there will be many more moments like that to come!

As much as I love it here – and I really do – I have to admit that I’ve found it quite hard finding my feet and settling in to this whole experience on a permanent level. This might sound a bit odd but I’ve found it quite difficult to accept that this is a long-term thing I’m dealing with here, rather than just an extended holiday. All of the excitement over different places, experiences, shops and so on often make it feel like I’m on a vacation and it’s easy to forget that this is actually my home (away from my real home) now.

I’m sure once the Christmas decorations start going up however, that will change… And I’ll be honest, I think it’s spending Christmas away from my home, family and friends that is going to trigger some real feelings of homesickness. I already miss my family, G, my friends and my lacrosse team like crazy and I don’t think those feelings will ever really go away.

But the truth is that those feelings are completely natural. And it would be a bit weird if I wasn’t a bit sad about being away from all those amazing people! Luckily, I have one of the greatest cities in the world right on my doorstep and that thought helps to take some (but not all! I still miss you guys!) of the sadness away. Thank goodness…! 


2 thoughts on “Some Sunday thoughts on my move so far

  1. Aimee says:

    We are SO happy to have you here and happy to help you settle in! Just one small correction my dear…. Some of us DO absolutely have turkey and all the fixin’s for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Because this is the only time of year that I eat a wonderful turkey feast… I am happy to have it for both occasions–even if they are only 30 days apart! So Gobble Gobble!

    1. PHEW.

      I was freaking out slightly when I heard all of these rumours about beef roasts and Moroccan food on Christmas Day?! I don’t think I could cope with no turkey AND no Boxing Day! x

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