When it came to packing for my big move to New York, I knew that it was going to be my rather extensive beauty and skincare collection that was going to present the biggest issue both in terms of what I wanted to bring – and what I had to leave behind.

So in the interests of making the whole process a little bit easier, I started making a note of which products I was using – from my most basic skincare bits right down to the last bit of make up each and every day – so that I had a clear record of which bits I wouldn’t be able to live without. It might sound a bit weird, the idea of keeping a beauty journal if you will, but I can’t tell you how much it helped me when it came to sorting the ‘must-pack’ items from those which I would have to leave behind and live without for a little bit.

I also made a concerted effort to use up any products that were nearing the end of their life, the idea being that it would mean one less thing to pack – and one more thing to pick up here in the US. In a relatively short amount of time I managed to finish off two different cleansers, two mascaras, a moisturisers and a serum, all of which I’m pretty sure I will pick up again at some point in the future, although to be honest I haven’t been missing them as much as I thought I would…

In terms of the actual packing process, I had hoarded a load of different travel pouches, wash bags and other beauty bags in preparation and I was thrilled at how handy they all were. In some cases where a pouch wasn’t available, I resorted to stuffing perfume in my shoes – seriously – eyeshadows in my socks and a few palettes inside some folded jumpers. All in the hopes of protecting the products during the flight. And  yeah, it might sound silly – but it worked a treat! 

My final tip is to bear in mind that you can always add to your supply a bit later on – which is what I’m planning to do a bit later down the line. While I’ve got all of the key essentials here with me, I did have to leave behind some lesser-used items that I don’t want to be without forever, but which I knew I didn’t necessarily need with me straight away. At the moment I’m planning to ship over what I didn’t manage to bring out with me – along with a few other bits and pieces – so I’ll let you know as and when that happens in case you’re interested in what companies I use etc.

So, there you have it. And I’m happy to report that I haven’t run into any beauty-related disasters just yet and thus far, haven’t come across any must-have product that I’ve forgotten. Although I did forget to pack deodorant. Whoops!


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