* saying goodbye to these guys was so super sad *

I’m here, I’m here! I made it to the US with all three suitcases in one piece, hip hip!

The past few days have been crazy. Crazy crazy. And my head is still in a bit of a spin trying to think about it all. But for now, a few of my favourite bits from the last week…

Five favourites

Place: Home. I miss it so much already.

Food: Crumpets with butter and marmite – otherwise known as my last ever breakfast on British soil.

Experience: The journey over here.

Read/watch: I finally got around to watching Maleficent on the plane and it. is. awesome. I cannot recommend it enough. Angelina Jolie is superb.

Beauty bit: My plane favourite – the Weleda Skin FoodHello mega moisturiser.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @CharlieLanks!


* new city, new phone case *


* lush lusting *


* best. smell. ever. *


* taking a piece of london with me thanks to whistle & bango *

And one for luck…


* saying goodbye to this guy was one of the hardest things ever. ever ever. *


2 thoughts on “Famous five #121

  1. Hazel Wisbey says:

    Loved your first blog from U S of A……right up until the last picture, that one made me cry! x

    1. It makes me a bit teary eyed too…. xx

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