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As y’all know, I suffer somewhat with seriously blemish prone skin. It is without a doubt my biggest skincare concern and I’ve spent hundreds – possibly even thousands – of pounds on various treatments, creams, gels, lotions and potions that promise to improve it.

Well after all that money and all that time spent testing and trialling various products, I’ve realised that what works best for my skin is actually a balanced routine, filled with products to not only target blemishes, but also care for and nourish my skin. And one of the key ingredients in that routine is a good face oil.

Now I know that sounds bizarre – an oil to treat oily skin? – but I promise, it really does work a treat. You see the thing with my skin is that, in addition to all the blemish issues, it was incredibly dehydrated. My logic for so many years had been: oily skin = blemishes, dry skin = no blemishes. Which I now of course realise is completely ludicrous. What was happening was that my dehydrated skin produced even more oil in an attempt to rehydrate itself and I ended up with even more spots and pimples. It was a bad time, skincare wise.

Then I finally realised what was going on – thanks in large part to Caroline Hirons, as per – and completely re-jigged my routine to include a whole heap of nourishing oils, which I use every evening either as my one hydrating step, or if my skin is feeling a bit dry, as a bonus layer underneath my moisturiser. And I can’t begin to describe the improvement. While I still suffer with spots – and may do forever, who knows – the rest of my skin is so much healthier and happier. Plus my spots tend to clear up quicker, don’t scar like they used to and are far less sore and red. You can’t really ask for much more than that, eh?

Now there are a massive number of oils out there – and it’s really about finding what works best for you. A few of my favourites include the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil, which is great for helping to decongest the skin and treat redness, the Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil, which is an all round good ‘un that hydrates and soothes the skin (and hair and nails if you fancy sharing the love), the Tarte Maracuja Oil which provides a great big dose of intensive all-natural hydration, and the Rodial Super Food Facial Oil, which is the newest of the bunch but thus far has been an absolute delight to use. Sadly the price tag means I may not be buying it again, but we’ll see.

But whichever oils you use, please do give ’em a good old go if you think you might me suffering from dehydrated skin. You and your skin will be oh so grateful, I promise.


2 thoughts on “The importance of oils for acne prone skin

  1. Oh my gosh I totally hear you on the amount of money spent on blemish prone skin. It would be really scary to think I could have bought something ridiculous like a Mercedes or something with the total amount of money spent on it!

  2. I’m in the exact same boat as you! For years I stayed away from anything too moisturizing for fear of even worse acne, I’ve now found a skincare routine that works for my skin and it includes a few drops of pure argan oil in my night time routine, works like a charm!

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