Blush1 blush2* tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed c/o £23 *

Now that my face has reached an ultimate level of pallor – it’s become quite Caspar-esque – some of my most-loved summer blushes just aren’t working for me anymore. The brighter, bolder pinks have sadly been moved to the bottom of the pile, ready to return along with the sun, and in their place I’ve been relying on pretty much just one single product, the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

This warm, dusty pink is so subtle and natural on the face but still manages to add a much-needed dose of colour to your complexion. It has a slight bronze-y tint to it which really helps to warm things up, particularly during these frosty winter days, and I’ve even tried using it in place of my usual contour powder on a couple of occasions and it really works quite well. Tis a proper multi-tasker!

As with all of the Amazonian Clay Blushes, the formula is delightful, feels super smooth and buttery on the skin, lingers all day long and isn’t at all powdery or cake-y. And while it’s not going to provide the brightest pop of colour to your cheeks, I think this subtle finish works a whole heap better for the autumn months – particularly if you’re as pale as I am and can’t be bothered to fake tan…


5 thoughts on “The most beautiful autumn blush

  1. ellehall2014 says:

    You are so beautiful! Your skin is insanely clear!x

  2. I’m on a hunt for a good dupe for this little fellow since I can’t seem to find it anywhere ( no counters here, no websites, no available shipping in the middle of nowhere where I’m living ). The next one I’m going to try as a dupe for it is Hourglass’ Mood Exposure. Fingers crossed it will come close! 😉 xx

  3. emilykburr says:

    I’m dying to try tarte make up! Where did you find them in the UK?!xx

    1. You can get Tarte on the QVC UK website! They have a massive range of products xxx

      1. emilykburr says:

        Oooh amazing! I’ll have to check it out xx

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