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There comes a time in every beauty lover’s life when you happen upon a product – or in this case, a pairing of products – that just works so perfectly, you can’t ever imagine your make up arsenal without them.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to stumble across one such perfect product pairing, quite by accident as luck would have it. Thanks to my upcoming move – which is taking place in just a matter of days, eek – my stuff is a bit all over the shop. Some is at home, some is at G’s – and rest? Who knows. So when it comes to my daily make up routine I’ve been thrown somewhat out of my comfort zone and have occasionally had to turn to products that might not normally get a second glance.

Enter the Nicka K Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer (£4.99)which I actually picked up in a Glossybox a few months ago and then abandoned at the back of a drawer behind all my other primer products. Well after those other primer favourites went walk about, I whipped this bad boy out to try and holy moly was I impressed. The lightweight formula feels just like the much pricier NARS alternative and it helps to keep eyeshadows looking so super smooth and crease-free, I actually gave my eyelids a little nod of approval the first time I came home after wearing this stuff for a day.

And while it works wonders with pretty much every shadow I’ve tried so far, none offer quite as cracking a result as the Maybelline Color Show Mono Eyeshadow in Lustrous Beige (£4.99)I popped this product into my Boots basket on a whim a few months ago now and, much like with the primer, hadn’t paid it a huge amount of attention since. But when I found myself in desperate need of a one-stop eyeshadow solution, it filled the gap pretty quickly, offering a smooth, buttery, metallic finish that is just so ruddy beautiful.

Sheeny – without actually being too shimmery – pigmented – without being chalky – it’s just a great eyeshadow option, and when paired with the Nicka K primer, it does. not. budge. We’re talking 12+ crease-free hours after which my eyeshadow looks almost identical to the moment I first walked out the door, even the if the rest of my face has slipped off in the sweaty tube conditions.

Simple, speedy and oh-so effective, this one is a perfect option for all you guys and gals with little time to spare each morning. Trust me when I say you won’t regret it.


One thought on “A perfect pairing

  1. rachwat says:

    I love this primer! I got mine in a Glossybox too. I have a No7 eyeshadow I love to pair it with, although that’s about to run out so I’ll have to check out the maybelline ones when I need to replace it 😊 x

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