That’s right, another eyeshadow palette. And a neutral one at that. Who’d have guessed?! but bear with me on this one folks because I promise it offers something a little bit special.

Say hello to the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette ($22), an itsy bitsy, credit card sized condensed version of the much talked about Full Exposure palette. Containing eight neutral tone eyeshadow shades, four matte and four shimmery, as well as a sizeable mirror, it is the perfect palette for use on the go, thanks to its incredibly compact size.

Now I’ll admit I never actually tried out the full size palette; I felt like it was so similar to products that I already owned and thought my hard earned pennies would be better spent on something else. But when this mini version popped up on one of my regular visits to the Sephora website, I knew immediately that I had to have it.

And I couldn’t be happier about my decision. Despite the incredibly low price ($22 is about £15), the shades are all beautiful, both in colour and formula. They glide on smoothly with great pigmentation and don’t crease or disappear though out the day. It has proved the perfect travel companion, both in terms of holiday adventures and days out and I’m so happy with the variety of looks that I’m able to create with the mix of shades.

In other words, I’m slightly besotted with it and have used little else on my eyes since getting my hands on this beauty a few weeks ago. At this rate I may not need to worry about shipping all my other palettes to NY. Maybe…


2 thoughts on “A Smashbox beauty

  1. Very nice palette. 🙂

  2. Kaily says:

    Wow I didn’t realize this palette was so affordable. I don’t get the hype on the Naked Basics, I think this is much nicer AND look how affordable!

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