As I may have mentioned once or twice, I’m heading off to the big bright lights of New York City later on this month – EEK – and I could not be more excited. Or nervous. Or sad. There are a lot of emotions going on in there.

And while I can’t wait to get my beauty-loving paws on all the amazing American drugstores and beauty shops – hello Sephora! – I am quite sad about all the products here that I’m going to miss. So I want to do a big ole stock up on some of my favourites, and wanted to check with you guys and see what British beauty bits you think I should pick up.

Thus far, my list of assorted brands and products looks like this:

  • Barry M nail polish
  • Collection concealer
  • Bourjois (can you get Bourjois over there?!)
  • Soap and Glory – I know you can get some bits over there but they don’t have quite the same range
  • Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial – it’s even more expensive over there so definitely need to stock up now!

What else do I need to grab? Gimme some recommendations y’all…


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