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As I was making my usual seasonal skincare switch-up in preparation for the colder Autumn months, I found a few product gaps in my normal day-to-day routine, namely in the evening skincare treatment department.

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Caroline and her marvellous skincare blog, it’s pretty much become my personal skincare bible during the past year and whenever I have a burning skincare question, or a routine query, it’s Caroline’s website that I tend to turn to more often than not. This time I turned to her Routines Cheat Sheet in an attempt to pin-point what my own routine might have been missing.

Conclusion? Some nighttime treatments.

While I”ve been using the Indeed Labs Retinol Reface (£29.99) for a wee while now – as mentioned in my recent evening skincare routine post – I’ll admit I hadn’t really thought about it in a ‘treatment’ kind of way. But then I thought about all of the other skincare issues that I felt really needed some attention (blemishes, dull skin, blemish scarring) and decided that it would be worth investing in a few other treatment products to create a kind of tailor-made treatment rotation.

So in addition to the retinol – which tackles any emerging wrinkles and also helps to encourage healing, which helps to blitz the blemish scarring – I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase the Sarah Chapman Overnight Exfoliating Booster (£57)Now I won’t lie, this stuff is seriously pricey. But after months of agonising over whether it would be worth the cost, I decided to hell with it! and I’m really rather glad I did. Full of natural acids, this serum helps to rid your skin of any dead cells, calms and soothes any angry blemishes and leaves your face feeling seriously soft come morning. Plus you only need one or two pipette drops per use – so here’s hoping that little bottle goes a long ole way!

The third treatment in my newly-designed trio is one which has been praised to the moon and back by bloggers and beauty lovers the world over, the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (c/o £43)Another slightly pricey product, but one which does such lovely things to my face, I really can’t see that I’ll ever want to be without it ever again. Le sigh. Essentially, the ANR fills the gaps which the other two treatments might miss and is a bit more of a general skin-loving product, helping to tackle fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating the skin and leaving it looking generally quite lovely and glow-y. Don’t mind if I do.

With regard to usage, I’m currently using a pretty simple rotation system, changing things up as and when my skin is feeling particularly needy in one area, and I have to admit I”m pretty darn happy with how it’s going.

Consider me one smug skincare obsessive.


2 thoughts on “My nighttime treatment trio

  1. Did anyone said “skin care obsessive”?! That would be me lately!
    I love Caroline, her recommendations are always on point and I’m not buying anything skin care before reading her review on it! 😀
    Love Sarah Chapman ( need more btw ), love anything Retinol although some say it’s not that healthy, and Caroline made me love HER serums… a lot! LOL
    So… I really enjoyed your post! 🙂
    Lots of xx

    1. Thanks my love. I’m really happy with how my skincare is shaping up at the mo – now I just need to kick the stress side of things and hopefully I’ll see a total improvement!


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