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While I’m a big ole fan of autumn, it does have a habit of wreaking a wee bit of havoc on my day-to-day beauty routines. Now usually it’s my skin that has the most negative reaction to the cold, damp weather, but this year it seems my hair is struggling just as much; in recent weeks it’s been dull, greasy and lacklustre and has thus spent much of the time tied back and hidden out of the way.

But after making a few super simple changes in order to revamp my haircare routine somewhat, I’m happy to report that my barnet is slowly getting back to its normal happy, shiny self *flicks hair*.

When it comes to tackling shine and texture, I’ve brought back some old favourites into the mix, which have really helped to add a much-needed somethin’ somethin’. First up is the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (£1.10)super cheap and cheerful, yes, but also incredibly gentle and nourishing, providing the perfect level of TLC that my locks have been in such desperate need of. It leaves so residue, contains no nasties and just leaves hair feeling totally clean and healthy.

I follow that up with a conditioner – I haven’t quite found my perfect match here – and then a good old dose of the Aussie Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Lightweight Conditioning Spray (£4.49)which helps to make my hair feel so soft when it’s dry, even after I’ve used heat on it. It gives another good whack of moisture, tackles any dry ends and also smells delightful.

Last up is a treatment which I tend to use once a week – usually as part of a regular Sunday pamper – the Kiehl’s Magic Elixir (£25)which is aimed more at maintaining a healthy scalp, as well as helping to strengthen and nourish the roots of your hair. And it’s incredible what a difference it makes to the overall health of my hair, and its general appearance. Added shine, volume, softness – there’s not really much that this treatment can’t do.

Next thing you know I’ll be starring in my own shampoo ad *swish swish*


2 thoughts on “Autumn haircare rescue remedies

  1. Love the Aussie hair products, although they are hard to find in Berlin! 😊

  2. theawkwardaddict says:

    You’ve been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award!


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