Cleanser1* nude perfect cleanse omega cleansing jelly £32 *

Ladies and gents, meet my newest cleanser obsession, the NUDE Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing JellySince picking this bad boy up in Space NK a few weeks ago – another recommendation from Caroline Hirons, obvs – I’ve used it pretty much every single day and I couldn’t be happier with how amazing it makes my skin feel.

Now I know the price tag isn’t the most appealing in the world – handing over my debit card was a wee bit painful, I won’t lie – but I’m of the opinion that, when it comes to high quality products like this, it’s worth forking out those extra few pennies (or pounds!). So, what is it that makes this product so perfect? Well for starters, the formula is just ace. It starts out as a kind of thick, gloopy consistency but quickly melts down into a luxurious-feeling oil as you massage it into your face. The oil breaks down your make up – including your eye make up, without any horrible stinging – and leaves your face feeling so fresh, soft and clean, it’s often quite difficult for me to resist the temptation to just stroke my face. Weird? 

Ingredients-wise, it’s full of all kinds of good stuff too – Omegas 6 & 9 hydrate, bitter orange soothes and annatto seed extract purifies – and the all-natural formula means it’s likely to be suitable for all manner of skin types, from sensitive to dry to oily to combination and beyond. I personally have dehydrated, blemish-prone skin and this works wonderfully for me, doesn’t aggravate my spots and nourishes my skin beautifully.

All in all, it’s just a ruddy wonder and well worth the rather hefty investment as far as I’m concerned. Even if it does mean beans on toast for the rest of the month.


2 thoughts on “A cracking cleanser

  1. I will definitely get this one too! I’m so glad you loved it too, because I trust your judgement! That texture is the one thing that intrigues me the most! I’ve used gels, oils, butter

  2. … buy never a jelly! Haha! Have a lovely day! 🙂 xx

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