Right ladies and gents, it’s time for a wee announcement *drum roll* – at the end of the month (ish), I’m making a move across the pond to New York in order to start a new job out there.

As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of emotions going on right now; I’m so excited about the adventure that I’m about to begin (along with G who is coming along for the ride!), I’m so happy that I’m going to be living in a city as amazing as New York, I’m nervous about the new challenges that lay ahead, I’m in a massive panic about all the administrative stuff that needs to be done before I leave, and I’m devastated about leaving behind my family and friends. Needless to say my brain is in a bit of a spin. 

At the moment, my main focus is getting everything sorted here before I have to leave and that includes waiting for the ole visa application to go through, which needs to be done and dusted before I can even book my flights. But provided all goes well with that, the aim is to be out there in time for Halloween – just think of all that American ‘candy’ that awaits my arrival – and ready in my new job just a few days later.

I never dreamed what a mega mission it would be to get everything ready but I’ve had a whole heap of help from so many different people and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the support that my nearest and dearest have given me during the past couple of weeks. Y’all know you are and I owe you guys big time. 

In terms of the blog, my plan is to carry on with it as normal – but with a few more American beauty bits thrown in for good measure and there is the possibility that I may even get my YouTube channel up and running once and for all. What better place to document all my new adventures, eh? 

So here’s to the next chapter, a new country and a whole slew of exciting things to come…


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