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You’ve watched the YouTube videos, you’ve heard the hype and you’ve undoubtedly seen several sneak peeks at the beautifully packaged products which make up the newly-launched Zoella Beauty collection – but, I hear you ask, do the products themselves stack up to the overwhelming amount of buzz surrounding them?

Well in my oh-so humble opinion – they really do. And, yes I know it sounds cynical, but I was actually a wee bit surprised at just how ace all the products were. I don’t know why I was expecting otherwise, but a part of me was a bit skeptical about just how brilliant the Zoella Beauty products would be; there was just so much build up and excitement surrounding the launch, it felt like nothing could ever measure up to the extraordinary levels of expectation.

But thus far, my introduction to the range has been just great. I think my favourite product of the bunch is definitely the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar (c/o £5)Essentially, this is a bath bomb which is shaped like a chocolate bar – it’s not though so do nay eat! – which means you can break off just a few chunks to use in your bath each time. I have quite a big bath and find that three cubes works best to provide a good whack of fragrance and fizz but if your bath is a bit smaller you can probably get away with one or two. Scent-wise, the whole range is fragranced really nicely; the scents are subtly sweet and floral and I can’t imagine anyone finding it at all unappealing.

Same with the Zoella Beauty Let’s Glow Candle (£5) which comes in a cute little tin – ideal for travel, if you’re eager to take a candle along with you wherever you go! – and smells just delightful. It doesn’t give off the strongest fragrance, but fills the room with a light scent that lingers for a fair few hours. Last, but not least, the Zoella Beauty Guinea Pig Beauty Bag (£8). CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT GUINEA PIG PLEASE?! It’s just the cutest. And I’m not in the least bit ashamed to admit that I’ve whipped this beauty bag out and thrust it under the nose of more than one colleague/friend/fellow commuter. I know… I’m a child.

What do you guys think of the Zoella Beauty range? Is it all that you had hoped for?


2 thoughts on “#ZoellaBeauty: the review

  1. I’m so glad that they live up to expectation, I was worried and they’re so affordable!

    1. They’re actually really lovely. The fizz bar is so cute and I love my make up case. x

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