* photobooth fun #zoellabeauty *

This week has been pretty ruddy exciting if I’m honest. There are a lot of big things going on in my life at the moment and while it’s all been pretty overwhelming and scary at times, I’m really look forward to the next few months. Cryptic I know, but all shall be revealed soon. And sadly no, unlike the lovely Zoe, I won’t be releasing my own beauty range any time soon. Sob.

Which brings me to…

Five favourites

Place: My amazing flat, which I’m moving out of this weekend – after two amazing years. On to the next adventure…

Food: My beautiful friend Lori has started a rather wonderful farm company called Bread & Pig and this week I was lucky enough to sample some of their brilliant products. The bread, the sausages, the jam – oh the jam – it’s all ruddy lovely.

Experience: I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the lovely Zoe’s beauty range – Zoella Beauty – earlier this week and boy was it ace. The venue, the decorations and the products were all perfect, full of fun and personality, just like the woman of the hour.

Read/watch: With everything that’s been going on recently, I’ve ended up slacking slightly on my reading and watching rituals. I did however manage to flick through the most recent issue of Allure. Of course.

Beauty bit: Without a doubt it’s been the Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing JellyThere’s a full review headed your way soon…

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @CharlieLanks!


* #zoellabeauty *


* a brilliant bread and pig hamper *


* a favourite nail shade *


* autumn candles and cosy blankets *


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