Well hello there! I just wanted to pop up a quick post and apologise for the lack of posting action this week. I’m sure some of you couldn’t care less – and I’m sure others didn’t even notice posts were missing! – but it bums me out when I can’t keep up with my regular posting schedule and I hate the feeling that I’m neglecting the blog.

But sadly, sometimes, life gets in the way a bit and I have to focus my attentions elsewhere. While I would love to make this my sole day-to-day work focus, at the moment I have to work it round a demanding, full-time job (which I love and wouldn’t trade for all the world) and that can make it a bit tricky to keep up with my posting schedule at times – particularly in this past week.

So in place of a proper post, I thought I’d share with you a couple of photos from a wedding that G and I went to yesterday. It was such an incredible day, the bride looked beautiful, the groom looked very dapper and all in all it was just a splendid day.

I’ll be back with a bang tomorrow – promise promise – but until then I hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekends!


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