London Fashion Week - September 2014 London Fashion Week - September 2014 London Fashion Week - September 2014 London Fashion Week - September 2014JPB

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent most of Fashion Week hidden away under my duvet fighting off a bad case of strep throat – living the dream! – but I did manage to make my way to one show, Jean-Pierre BraganzaI was invited to the show by the lovely people over at Nair who were sponsoring the show and working their magic backstage in order to ensure that the models strutting their stuff on the runway were doing so with only the smoothest of skin – courtesy of the new Nair Argan Oil Collection

Nair’s skin specialist Victoria Bond went wax mad behind the scenes of the show, ensuring that each of the models received a perfect pamper treatment before they took to the catwalk, along with hair experts Toni & Guy and the make up mavens from MAC. Now normally I’m not a fan of home waxing – the fear about pulling off the strip usually means I’m left with it stuck to my body for far too long – but in this case I might be able to make an exception. I’m a big ole fan of Argan Oil and according to Victoria it works wonders on your legs in terms of nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Now on to the show itself; I am by no means a fashion expert – shocking, I know – but I thought the show was really ruddy awesome. Full to the brim of sleek and chic monochrome brilliance, the whole thing just worked. And unlike a lot of fashion shows, I could actually see myself wearing a lot of the designs. So do feel free to send some over Mr Braganza.

All in all, a delightful solo show with which to celebrate LFW SS15. And a huge thank you to Nair for having me!


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