My skincare routine has changed pretty radically over the past few years. From those (admittedly awful) days of just using facewipes and nothing else – I KNOW – to a slightly more impressive cleanse, tone, moisturise structure and then on to what I’m working with today which is decidedly more complex but also really ruddy wonderful on my skin.

One of the most key components of my updated regime, if you can call it that, is the double cleanse. Having gone all those years thinking just the one cleanse was plenty to rid my face of any nasties, my skincare world – routine – was turned on its head when I discovered Caroline Hirons’ super skincare blog and dipped my toe into the double cleansing world for the first time. I haven’t looked back. And while I’m no skincare expert – far from it in fact – I thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on the whole double cleanse trend, as well as offering up my thoughts on some good double cleansing duos that you might like to try.

The way I like to think about the double cleanse is as a two-step system to a) remove all the make up and surface dirt from your face and b) actually get down to some proper helpful work on your skin once all that bad stuff is out of the way. If you just do the first step and not the second you’re skin might be clean on the surface, yes, but you’re missing out on the most important part – what happens underneath all that make up and dirt.

With that in mind – and I’ll admit it’s a quirky and unique take on the double cleanse! – I like to tailor my cleansing duos to fit this basic formula. Cleanser one is likely to be a balm or an oil, something which will break down make up and dirt and leave my face feeling fresh and clean, but also nourished. Cleanser two is more often than not a bit lighter in texture and is usually targeted at tackling one or more of my skincare issues. Most often that’s blemishes but it can change from week to week.

My current favourite combo is the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser (£24) which is a really unique soft jelly texture that melts down into an oil on your skin, removing any and all traces of make up. Then it’s on to the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay (£18) for a deep and complete cleanse. This brilliant formula leaves my skin feeling brilliantly clean – right down to the ole pores – but isn’t at all drying. It’s a dream solution for anyone looking for a blemish-busting cleanser that won’t leave your face feeling horrible and tight.

So there you have it, the double cleanse. Any other fans out there with some cleansing combos to share?


4 thoughts on “Some Sunday thoughts on double cleansing

  1. I don’t think I can quite describe my complete jealousy of you using these products. I have been DYING to get my hands on these. Difficult in Dubai. I need to place an international order for sure!!!

    1. I think Feel Unique do international shipping (and I think it might be free!) so worth checking on there. You can get Ole Henriksen and First Aid Beauty on there for sure xx

      1. Thanks so much ! 🙂 xx

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