BabySkin2* maybelline baby skin instant fatigue blur primer in cool rose // £7.99 *

I’ve been a big fan of the original Maybelline Baby Skin for a long ole time now – I find it really effective when it comes to smoothing my skin and blurring any imperfections and in my opinion it’s one of the best drugstore primers out there. So I had high hopes for the newest additions to the Baby Skin family, particularly when I learned that they were aimed specifically at targeting signs of fatigue – something which is clearly evident in my complexion more often than not unfortunately!

In terms of the formula, this primer is really rather different to the original Baby Skin. There’s none of that silicone-y feeling to it which, for those of you who aren’t hugely enamoured with that finish, will be great, but for anyone who quite liked the smoothing effect the silicone texture had, you might be a bit disappointed with the finish of this one. In place of the smoothing silicone, this primer offers more of a creamy gel texture -it’s like a slightly thicker version of the Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer – which is aimed more at brightening the complexion rather than covering over any imperfections.

Personally, I found the primer offered a bit of an added glow after the first application – and shortly after my make up routine, I noticed foundation finish was slightly more dewy and fresh which was delightful and really helped to perk up my whole complexion during an otherwise knackered-feeling morning. However, the effect wasn’t particularly long-lasting and the increased dewiness and radiance had all but disappeared by lunchtime sadly. That’s right, the fatigue was back.

Really I think this Baby Skin formula might be better suited to those with slightly fewer symptoms of fatigue to combat – my skin needs something a bit ruddy stronger at the moment unfortunately! But all in all, for those who don’t need as much of a perk-up as me, it really could be a lovely drugstore option. The formula felt really lovely on my skin, didn’t leave me looking in any way shiny and didn’t cause my make up to slip and slide off my face – often a side effect of primers which offer a kind of radiant finish.

For me however, I think it’s back to caffeine and nap times…


3 thoughts on “Can Maybelline help you to fight fatigue?

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great post! I might just have to try this! 🙂 xox

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