Despite spending many years avoiding baths at all costs, in recent months I’ve become seriously addicted and – as a result – my stash of bath bombs and other fun bath bits and bobs has grown a lot. And there’s no other place I love more when it comes to a bit of bath shopping than Lush.

So before the autumn brilliance arrives in-store, I thought I’d do one last summer shop to pick up some of my favourite warm weather bath bits. Bath bomb-wise, I opted for one of my all-time favourites, the Fizzbanger (£3.25) which is a bright citrus-y bath bomb full of fruity goodness which turns your bath a whole host of colours, from yellow to blue to green Based on the first ever bathbomb formula, it’s a tried and tested favourite and one which I know I can always rely on.

Something new in my bathroom stash however is Twilight (£3.25which is full to the brim of soothing scents like lavender and tonka, it’s the perfect option to whack in the bath when you want to relax before bedtime. It turned the bath a deep purple colour and sent me off to sleep in no time. Then we move on to Space Girl (£3.25) which is probably the most exciting of the lot in terms of putting on a bit of a spectacle. Popping candy pieces make the bath bomb snap, crackle and pop as soon as it starts fizzing round the bath and the bright, fruity scents are so energising and fresh. It’s a great one for the morning time – particularly thanks to the grapefruity goodness it offers up.

And if I really feel like pushing the boat – or bath! – out, I’ll whack in a bit of Amandopondo (£2.75)a sweetly-scented bubble bar which creates the most amazing smelling rose bubbles. Combined with Twilight, it’s the perfect way to relax after a ruddy awful day.

Last up, I also splashed out on a bit of skincare – the Eau Roma Water (£7.50) a rose and lavender spray toner which I spoke about at some length back here – and Grease Lightning (£6.25) which is a brilliant all-natural spot solution. It uses antibacterial and antiseptic rosemary, thyme and tea tree as well as a bit of witch hazel to treat, soothe and eradicate any pesky blemishes and I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with the results so far. It’s a lovely soothing alternative to some of the harsher treatments out there.

Now let’s bring on all that autumnal brilliance, eh Lush?


One thought on “The Haul #16: end of summer at Lush

  1. V says:

    :O I am pretty jealous of this collection

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