TrueMatch3* l‘oreal true match foundation // £9.99 *

Having heard some brilliant things about the L’Oreal True Match FoundationI decided that the time had come to finally put it to the test. Ironically, given the name, I really struggled to find my perfect shade match – my meagre summer tan made for a tricky foundation swatching session – and instead picked up two shades, Rose Ivory and Rose Beige. (Although there’s a shade in the middle of these two – Rose Vanilla – for some reason it didn’t seem to match up quite as well.)

Welcome to the world of foundation mixing, a beauty trick which seems to be coming more and more popular at the moment – particularly when it comes to holiday season when you’re skin might be looking a bit darker than usual. Now I know everyone has their own techniques for the ole mix and match, but I thought I’d share with y’all my tips and tricks for ensuring a seamless blend.

First up, think of your hand as an artist’s palette – it’s where you’ll measure out your foundation (I went for just under one full pump per foundation) and where you’ll do your mixing (for this I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush) before applying the mixture to your face. In my opinion, mixing the same brand/formula foundations is a lot easier than trying to go cross-brand; it can be done but proceed with caution to ensure the foundation doesn’t split on your face or anything like that. When it comes to the L’Oreal foundation however, mixing it up is seriously easy and it really does make for the perfect foundation shade.

If you’re worried about achieving the right shade, apply just a tiny bit at a time and don’t be afraid to add a bit more of one shade over the other. Remember this whole concept is about finding what works best for you – so do whatever you find most flattering. Who knew my art GCSE would come in so handy, huh?


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