* the latest chanel drop is so pretty *

I’m off on holiday tomorrow and could not be more excited about it. I’m so ready for a bit of rest and relaxation – and some ace lacrosse action too – all with a bit of sunshine thrown in for good measure.

I’m going to do my utmost to get some scheduled posts up regularly while I’m away but will be a bit slower when it comes to replying to comments and so on so please do bear with!

I hope you all have a delightful weekend and week and I’ll see you when I return…!

Five favourites:

Place: My flat. We have to move out at the end of the month and having traipsed around more than my fair share of available properties elsewhere in London, I’ve realised just how lucky we are to have lived in such a lovely home for so long. I’m going to miss it a whole heap.

Food: I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of peanut butter on toast. It’s so ruddy tasty, I have no idea why I ever stopped eating it. Gobble.

Experience: HOLIDAY PACKING #sorrynotsorry

Read/watch: I’m really enjoying watching moving videos on YouTube at the moment. They’re giving me a bit of inspiration for our upcoming move and I really just love having a bit of a nose. There are some great moving vlogs on Marcus’ channel and on Gabriella’s channel too if you want to check ’em out.

Beauty bit: Although I haven’t had much of an opportunity to try the products out in full, I’ve fallen completely in love with the Chanel AW 14 collectionSO PRETTY.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @CharlieLanks!



* hot chocolate and candles. august has been delightful *


* casual bank holiday beauty clear out *


* mid-week mask *


* sweet snaps with old friends *


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