I’ll admit to being something of a technology addict – and I’m sure G would agree. I spend a lot of my life attached to either my laptop, work computer, iPad or iPhone either tweeting, blogging, Instagramming or emailing. Even reading books is now an activity which involves the use of technology, thanks to the handy Kindle app on my iPad, and I’ll admit that books are often sidelined in favour of YouTube, Netflix or Candy Crush.

But recently I’ve been trying – and not always succeeding, admittedly – to take a break from tech and pick up an actual book. It’s been a struggle – and I really do feel awful saying that – but I’ve already found a few great reads that have been ace enough to tempt me away from anything and everything i-related.

First up is a pick that’s probably not going to surprise a lot of you – The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Known by many as ‘the book which makes everyone cry’, I have to admit, I was slightly hesitant to read it for fear that the hype surrounding it and its movie adaptation would be great than the book itself. Holy moly was I ever wrong. The book is brilliant – tragic, heart-wrenching, funny, clever and brutally honest. It deals with a really sensitive subject completely head-on, without any frills or fantasies and it’s just brilliant. And yes, for those of you that want to know, I did cry. A lot.

The second book on my list, The King’s Curse by Philippa Greggory, sits at completely the other end of the spectrum – no teary-eyed emotion here folks – but has completely captured my attention of late. Those of you who were fans of this author’s other books, like The Other Boleyn Girl, The White Queen etc, will probably be equally as entertained by her latest historical novel. While I haven’t reached the end just yet (it’s a seriously hefty book y’all), I’m finding it a really good read – although the cumbersome hardback edition isn’t the most commute-friendly of formats…

What books are you all enjoying at the moment? Any others I should add to my list?


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