* eye bags, dry shampoo hair, sarong scarf, mess *

I’ve been a bit of a sick dawg this week so I think I’m going to spend this Bank Holiday getting a bit of rest and relaxation. Aaaaaah. What do you guys have planned…?

Five favourites

Place: To be honest, I haven’t really been anywhere too exciting this week because I’ve been curled up in bed like a wimpy invalid. Sad, but true.

Food: I had the Covent Garden Souper Greens Soup with Italian Pesto earlier this week and was thoroughly impressed. As y’all know, I’m not the healthiest and usually avoid things like this at all costs. But this particular soup was delicious.

Experience: Sleeping off my sick bug. I’m sorry, it’s been such a boring week…!

Read/watch: I’ve really been enjoying Adrienne’s blog The Sunday Girl recently – her daily beauty news updates get me oh-so excited for new beauty launches and I”m also a big ole fan of her extraordinarily pretty photographs.

Beauty bit: I’m officially obsessed with the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox MaskIt’s the perfect way to relax mid-week when you feel like a quick and speedy pamper and the warming effect feels ruddy marvelous.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram @CharlieLanks!


* the last of my bath and body works candle haul *


* the cutest present ever from selfridges *


* bubble bar + bath bomb = bliss *


* a glossybox birthday cake *


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