OleHenriksen* ole henriksen pure truth melting cleanser // £24 *

I’m coming at you today with yet another Caroline Hirons-inspired purchase which arrived on my desk yesterday morning. And while I haven’t had a huge amount of time to try and test this out, I couldn’t resist the chance to share with you all my initial thoughts, having given it a good ole whirl last night.

The consistency of this cleanser is unlike anything I’ve ever used before; it wibbles and wobbles a bit like a solid-ish jelly but when you rub it onto dry skin, it melts down into a subtly-scented citrus-y oil, which managed to remove all traces of make up and dirt from my day. Plus it leaves your skin feeling so ruddy nice afterwards. Having given my face a good ole massage for a few minutes, I wiped off all the product with a hot flannel and honestly couldn’t help but give my skin a wee little stroke – it just felt that silky smooth and nourished. And clean. 

As someone with oily skin, I’m also happy to report that this cleanser doesn’t feel at all oily or over-the-top, but is actually incredibly lightweight, despite all its nourishing goodness. With all kinds of brilliant ingredients like rose hip, Vitamin C and virgin cherry oils (who knew there was such a think as a virgin cherry?!), it’s also incredibly kind to your skin and works all kinds of wonders without the use of any nasties.

Needless to say I think I’m pretty sold on this pot of perfection – even after just one use. I’ll be sure and report back if that should change for any reason but for now at least, it’s safe to say I’m totally in love. 


2 thoughts on “First impressions: Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser

  1. That packaging is always good news! The cleanser sounds nice too! xx

  2. Cleanser packaging goes so well with Selfridges own packaging and there’s nothing better than a package from Selfridges. Just found your blog and instagram have been loving your posts

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