ByTerry2* by terry ombre blackstar in misty rock // £28 * 

I first sang my praises for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar way back in 2013 when I picked up Bronze Moon during an impulse trip to Space NK. Despite the unbelievably hefty price tag (which has increased by 50p since then, hurrumph), it was love at first sight and I think I always knew I would add another of these immense products to my collection.

Enter Misty Rock, the newest shade in my By Terry arsenal. Now unlike my last purchase – which was totally done on a mad cash-happy impulse – I thought for a long ole while about whether I really and truly needed this bad boy. But having seen beauty blogger Tanya Burr wax lyrical about it, followed by Lily Pebbles and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, my mind was made up. The only issue? It was sold out. Everywhere.

But I refused to be defeated – if anything the wait just made me all the more determined – and last week, I finally laid my mitts on it and thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts. If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big fan. While I initially thought the pinky purple-y tones in it might be a bit too much for me but don’t be fooled by the packaging because it actually shows up a lot more bronzed/taupe-y when swatched than you might think.

Formula-wise, it’s still the same brilliant, long-lasting finish that remains completely crease-free all day long and continues to hang around on the lids for seven hours plus even without the help of a primer. The application is incredibly easy – swipe on and blend with a brush or your finger – and the colour is easily buildable and can be used to create any kind of look, be it subtle for day or a bit more pow for night.

In fact the only disadvantage I can see is that big ole price tag… And as you can see that doesn’t seem to stop me…!


4 thoughts on “By Terry’s must-have bit of brilliance

  1. Haha that last line cracked me up! I have heard of this brand a lot, but unfortunately I live in the US and I’m not really sure if we have it or where I can find it. These looks are nice and thanks for including pictures!

  2. The Ombre Blackstars are, I think, my most favourite eye pencils! Long lasting, amazing colours, fool-proof application… Amazing! xx

  3. That color is gorgeous! Looks great on you, very subtle can easily wear it anywhere

    1. Thank you so much! I love it. The colour strip on the packaging makes it look so much pinker than it actually is – the real colour is so much more interesting x

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