As much as I am excited about the arrival of autumn – knitwear, hot water bottles, opaque tights! – the sudden disappearance of all that amazing sunny weather has me feeling a bit bummed. I think it’s safe to say that the sun has a hugely positive effect on our day-to-day attitudes, no matter what else is going on. Brighter weather just means a brighter day in general, in my mind.

So in lieu of eternal sunshine, I thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on how best to hang out to that brightness, without necessarily needing the sun (although it would be really great if it could hang around just a bit longer…!).

* Don’t be inclined to ditch your sunnies. Last year as soon as the rain started (well last year it never really stopped to be honest…), I put away all of my sunglasses and then found myself slightly stuck when some of those brighter winter days rolled around. While I’m all for de-cluttering, I think keeping a sun-worthy selection of items around can’t hurt. So this year my favourite pairs – see above from H&M (£5.99), Roxy (£89) and Firmoo (c/o) – are staying out, even if I only get a few days of use out of ’em

* The same goes for your summer wardrobe – anyone who lives in England should know how ruddy awkward the weather can be around these parts. So it really wouldn’t be surprising if, come October, we get one freakishly warm, summery day. It’s worth keeping a few light layer-y pieces out, particularly if they can add a bit of bright, bold colour to an outfit (see above the sarong turned scarf)

* Keep the windows cracked. I might get a bit of stick for this one but in my opinion, fresh air is vital and I think it’s really important not to just seal up all your windows as soon as that first cold spell hits. Yes the heating might be on, but unless you want to end up stuck in the stuffiest house around, you’ll want to keep that fresh air flowing too

* Eat fresh. During the summer, I get a lot better at chowing down on lots of fresh fruit and veg. Salads become my meal of choice and lighter, healthier snacks fill any hungry gaps in between. But as soon as that colder weather hits, I’m all over the bad stuff like white on rice. Burgers, hot chocolate, pizza, Chinese – anything heavy and hot that will help me to build up my winter resistance. Well this year, I’m determined to ensure that’s not the case and will keep chomping down on the fresh stuff the whole way through the year – you heard it here first

What steps are you guys taking to keep that sunny summer feeling alive?


One thought on “Some Sunday thoughts on keeping a sunny outlook

  1. Ugh the weather had been horrendous here. But today I drove home without too much traffic and with no rain, I found a great parking spot, the Turkish bakery had just baked fresh bread which smelled divine, I could sit out in my yard enjoying the last of the suns rays and I can work from home tomorrow, it’s not all doom and gloom, even though the weather has been.

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