If you’re a big beauty fan, it’s like that at some point over the past few weeks, you will have heard someone talking about the latest foundation release from YSL, the YSL La Teint Encre De Peau (otherwise known as Fusion Ink Foundation)Modelled by Cara Delevingne and with promises of totally flawless skin even without a concealer, this base product has got the whole beauty world in a tizz with talk of 19,000-stong waiting lists and sell-out success before the darn stuff has properly been released.

Being the inquisitive soul that I am, there was so way I was going to wait until August 20th – the official LTEP release date – to give it a go and last week I ran down to my local YSL counter and had a colour match done in order to snag a free seven-day trial. Since picking the perfect shade – BR30 matches me brilliantly – and laying my hands on the oh-so-cute tester bottles, I’ve been giving this stuff a pretty good go and I have to admit I’m really rather impressed.

Now normally YSL foundations don’t work that well on my skin – I find them too runny, they don’t give enough coverage and they tend to go patchy as the day wears on. Well not this bad boy. The formula is still runny – and I personally think, best applied with fingers at first, then with a brush to smooth everything over – but it blends into my skin so much better than any of the previous products and really does hang around, all day long. And as you can hopefully see from the above picture, it gives some seriously good coverage and allows you to build up the product in any areas where you might need a bit more help.

Finish-wise, it’s much more matte than its fellow YSL formulas; I did find a bit of shine creeping on through at lunchtime but it was nothing a quick sweep of powder couldn’t help to keep at bay.

So, basically, I really am won over. And, despite initial reservations, I really do think YSL have hit a corker right on out of the foundation park. Bravo YSL. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, head to your nearest YSL counter and they’ll help you find your perfect shade and provide you with a seven-day trial too. This stuff is expensive – £30.50, hello – so a try-before-you-buy policy is advised!

Happy swatching y’all.


3 thoughts on “New in from YSL: a foundation revolution?

  1. Looks great! Might have to give it a try!

    Sophie x

  2. It does look pretty great! I’ll have to find out where my nearest YSL counter is.

    1. They have a good deal in Boots at the moment – you get £10 back in Advantage Card points when you buy the foundation xxx

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