There’s nothing I love more than picking up new beauty products. From endless hours spent browsing (and purchasing!) online to my all too regular lunchtime Boots visits, I think it’s safe to say that I tend to buy more than my fair share of new products…

However in recent weeks, I’ve been doing my best to stick to something of a stricter budget which means that those regular purchases have become far more infrequent – sob – which, while brilliant in terms of saving much-needed storage, I have to admit it’s made my beauty supply start to feel a bit too familiar for my liking. So, with the option of shopping for new products no longer available to me, I decided to give my beauty bits something of a shake up, bringing some of my lesser-used, back-of-the-drawer type products up to the forefront of my everyday routine. And d’you know what? It’s been a ruddy revelation.

From favourite products that had been left feeling a bit un-loved recently – like the BECCA Lip Priming Perfector (£19), which is a brilliant base for bolder lip colours, and the Clinique Even Better Compact Make Up (£28), which is a great on-the-go concealer/foundation option – to newer additions that perhaps haven’t had as much love as they deserve – like the beautiful Tarte Amazonian Clay Sultry Sunset Eyeshadow Palette (£26.50) which I plan to use a helluva lot more from here on out and the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer (£10) which is so so handy but for some reason just hasn’t been something I’ve reached for in recent weeks – I’ve found so many ruddy awesome products that I am really enjoying re-discovering or even learning to use for the very first time.

And then there are just a few products that I might not have been overly impressed by at first, but which I’m really eager to try and make work for me – like the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation (£32) and the NARS Multiple in Laguna (£30) which I think could be really super when it comes to contouring. Either way, I want to find out. And so I shall. 

So for you all you spendy-feeling guys and gals out there who are eager to rest that poor bank balance, think about what beauty products you have hanging around in  your home and think about giving ’em a whirl. You might even find yourself coming up with a few firm favourites.


One thought on “A budget-friendly beauty reboot

  1. Divya says:

    I love your choices! I recently did a clear out as well and selected a few things to use before I swap them out!


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