* the new local mexican restaurant shares my cactus obsession *

I know what y’all are thinking: WHAT is this post doing going up on a Saturday and not a Sunday? Well, due to some slight scheduling issues, I’ve switched things round slightly and am popping this post up today and another tomorrow.

Who doesn’t love shaking things up a bit after all?

Five favourites

Place: Covent Garden. Thanks to another – welcome – scheduling conflict earlier this week, I found myself with some time to spare and went for a stroll around Covent Garden. I’d forgotten how many interesting and unique things there are to see at every turn and actually ended up being late for my next meeting after getting ever so slightly distracted. Oops.

Food: There’s a new Mexican restaurant that has just opened near my house – Habanera – and it offers up some seriously tasty dishes. The Mexican caesar salad is already a firm fave.

Experience: Visiting the local garden centre last weekend. Who knew those places were so fun!?

Read/watch: I’m trying to make more of an effort to get in as much reading as possible and am currently working my way through Dark Places by Gillian FlynnNot as good as Gone Girl (another of her books) in my opinion but still a great read.

Beauty bit: As you can probably see from the below Insta snap, I’ve had something of a lip product obsession this week – it was National Lipstick Day on Tuesday after all – and out of all of them, the Lipstick Queen Jean Queen Lipstick was a firm favourite.

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* too many lip products for one bag…? *


* who knew national lipstick day was a thing?! *


* my new (ultra mature) car accessory *


* rainbow nails *


One thought on “Famous five #110

  1. Catherine says:

    Really love all these steam showers

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