As you guys may have noticed, I spend a lot of my time talking at y’all about my thoughts on beauty and skincare. But today I thought I’d turn the tables and open up something of a dialogue to get everyone chatting about whichever beauty topics matter most to them.

To start it off – you didn’t really think I was going to stop talking altogether did ya?! – I wanted to speak to you guys about my biggest skincare concern: blemishes. As you may have noticed, I spend a rather large amount of my time and money trying and testing all of the latest, claim-to-be-the-greatest acne products out there in the hopes that I can clear up my blemish-prone skin once and for all (see above…!). Now my skin is by no means horrendous and I know that there are a lot of people out there who struggle with worse conditions than mine, but the whole situation really does bring me down a lot of the time.

I feel like I’ve tried everything – in addition to all of the acne products in the world, I’ve tried double cleansing twice a day, single cleansing twice a day, drinking copious amounts of water, eating fresh fruit and veg, taking vitamins, I’ve even given up Diet Coke, which was my favourite thing ever until very recently. In other words, I’m a bit frustrated because the blemishes just seem to keep on comin’ through. The bastards.  And sadly we’re talking the painful, long-lasting, under-the-skin type blemishes that don’t seem to ever die.

So I thought the time had come to open up the floor to you guys and see whether you have any tips, tricks or ideas which might help? And in the meantime, I also wanted to give you the chance to share any of your skincare or beauty woes – whatever they may be – by commenting below. Then, if you have any advice to offer anyone else, feel free to share. Sharing’s caring after all! And go…


11 thoughts on “Over to you: skincare woes

  1. Reify says:

    I know what you’re talking about… I used to use pure rose water as a toner after cleansing and I’ve found that it really cleared up my skin.

    1. Ah amazing, I’ll give that a whirl! Thank you! x

    2. I still use rose water as a toner and can confirm that my skin never looked better! 😉 xx

      1. Rose water seems to be the product that everyone is turning to. I’ll have to pick some up ASAP! x

      2. definitely! 😉 🙂 and let us know how it worked for you too! xx

  2. Minnie Kassovitz says:

    Actually, I had the same problem until last spring. My acne has been getting worse since last autumn, and I’ve also tried quite a lot to solve the problem.
    I suppose you know your skin type (oily?), so you don’t use products that aren’t suitable for your face.
    So, to cure my acne, I started to drink A LOT of water – at least six litres a day, that’s about half a litre every two hours. I also covered my whole face in babypowder when I got home, and additionally put pure tea tree oil on some of the worst spots. Also, I stopped using any cleansing products, and used a mild baby soap for cleaning my face instead. I do believe that helped my skin a lot, but the most effective step in this whole process was when I stopped using foundation. Any kind of foundation. I know that it is a very strange feeling not to wear makeup when you go out, but it’s a fact that foundation just isn’t good for oily skin (even if it says it is). Of course, I put small patches of concealer on the worst spots, and some powder of course, but that was it. And now that my skin looks fresh and nice like a daisy, I still don’t use makeup (I even gave up the powder), because I just don’t need to hide my skin anymore.
    I hope I could help you 🙂


    1. Thank you so much – that’s all really great advice! It’s such a catch 22 when it comes to blemishes and foundation. I think I just need to man up and be brave enough to go bare-faced! x

  3. Divya says:

    I think the constant experimentation could be one of your biggest foes! I’d wish if you’d give up on constantly trying multiple things and just let your skin be and only protect it from the sun and dehydration. See if that works? Just a thought!

    1. That makes sense. It’s just so difficult not to try and always do something, you know? But I think you’re right, it’s time to give my skin a bit of a break… x

  4. Kim says:

    i feel you, girl. i spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars and eventually found a solution in getting antibiotics prescribed from my doctor. it’s not a sustainable, long-term fix, but the joy that comes from a clear complexion and almost no effort is unspeakable. i know it’s not really the solution you’re looking for when you’re so product-focused (as i was in the past!) but if you’re desperate, please consider it! ❤

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