They say you should never judge a book by the cover, a motto I think applies to a lot of beauty products out there. But when it comes to fragrance, I’m much more inclined to let my nose lead the way to some seriously sweet-smelling beauty products. While I know that fragrance isn’t everything, but when a great product comes complete with a fantastic fragrance it just seems to make it all the more appealing, dontcha think? 

For example, during a recent trip to Boots I was torn between two conditioners; both offered the same in terms of haircare but one, the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer had the most amazing coconut-y scent that I knew at first sniff that it would be coming home with me. Similarly, the sole reason I first picked up the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub all those years ago was because of the incredible maple syrup-y scent that bowls me over every time I open the lid. And whatdya know? It’s still one of my all-time favourite scrubs to this day.

When it comes to shower gels, I feel like the sniff test is a bit more acceptable – right!? – and I have absolutely no qualms about putting this theory to the test for hours on end while perusing the latest products at The Body Shop. Most recently, my nose led me in the direction of the Raspberry Shower Gelone of the best-smelling products currently stacked in my shower.

In terms of face products, I think scents are a helluva lot harder to master. The REN Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil has a beautifully subtle fruity fragrance to it, which smells amazing but isn’t at all overpowering. Ideal to slather on your skin. As is the Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizerwhich smells so fresh and citrus-y, it makes me feel so much brighter whenever I wear it.

The last face-y product is the Tanya Burr Lip GlossI know that opinion is quite divided when it comes to the scent of this product – some find it too sweet, some find it just ruddy ace – and I have to admit I love it. It smells like a tropical fruit salad sweet and tastes pretty darn good when slathered on your smackers too. Just as an added extra.

What sweet scents do you guys enjoy in a beauty product?


2 thoughts on “Sweet-smelling skincare treats

  1. Claudia Fox says:

    Oooo I really must try that Breakfast Scrub. I do love Soap and Glory 😀
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  2. Divya says:

    I really liked the Ginzing eye cream too.. especially its brightening effect with those minute shimmer particles! But I ordered the Pai one instead for its natural tag.. lets see how it goes!

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