I have a weird thing about my feet. I think they’re quite nice as far as feet go and absolutely don’t mind touching them or anything myself, but when it comes to other people going near them? URGH. But after three years of slightly awkward DIY pedicures, I decided that enough was enough and I booked myself in for a pedicure.

To say I was nervous would be a bit of an understatement – I even washed my feet before walking to the salon, just in case! – but after asking around in the office, I settled on a place that I was assured would be really nice, not too expensive and was close to the office. So, armed with an iced chai latte, off I went.

As soon as I spied the endless array of nail polishes lining the walls, I was sold. Having taken a good 20 minutes to pick a colour – I arrived early for this specific reason and eventually picked out a delightfully vibrant pinky-toned Essie red – I settled into the snazzy pedicure chair (complete with footbath don’t you know!) and we were off. To begin with, I admit I was a bit squeamish and when the pedicurist(!?) started pointing at my foot and chuckling, I wanted the ground to just swallow me up (#toeshame) but on the whole it wasn’t an unpleasant experience and I’m actually already contemplating a return.

In terms of staying power, the polish is still remarkably chip-free – I’ve been wearing open-toe shoes all week so this is surprising! – but I think next time I might opt for a gel pedicure, just to make the whole thing last even longer and perhaps avoid having to make pedicures too much of a regular thing. What do you guys think?


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