* #tbt to my romantic holiday in paris with lils *

HAPPY SUNDAY Y’ALL. And what a week of ups and downs. Some great, some less great and a lot of generally downright busy stuff which has occupied a helluva lot of my time. But at last the weekend has arrived and I’m thrilled to be enjoying some much-needed time at home with my family and friends. Hope you’re all having a good ‘un.

Five favourites

Place: Kensington Gardens. Located close enough to work that I can sneak into the sunshine for a full five minutes before having to make a hasty return, they’ve provided something of a sanctuary for me recently.

Food: Ok so really it’s a drink (I need to change the name of this category, clearly!), but the Rebel Kitchen 100% Dairy Free Chai Mylk has been my go-to whenever I’ve had a sweet craving this past week.

Experience: My first pedicure in, well, a while. Other than some initial embarrassment – I hate my feet and feel oh-so sorry for anyone else who has to go near them – I settled into what was actually a really enjoyable experience. The fact that I can now wear open toe shoes and sandals without cringing in shame is also a big bonus.

Read/watch: Jack Harries’ YouTube video A Film For Ella. It is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and yes I may have shed a tear while watching.

Beauty bit: The Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Gloss in Fabulous Pink has been my favourite lip colour recently. It offers so much more colour than you would think just looking at it in the packaging and gives you a good ole boost of shine without a hint of stickiness. Perfect for these hot summer days. 

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* decisions, decisions *

* decisions, decisions *

* gone, but not forgotten *

* gone, but not forgotten *

* new obsession *

* new obsession *

* best. present. ever *

* best. present. ever *


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