* the best mug ever *

Can we please talk about this heat for just a quick tick? I don’t know where this impressive 30 degree heat has come from but holy moly do I hope it hangs around for the whole summer. Or at least long enough to top up my NYC tan..

Five favourites:

Place: Anywhere outside in the sunshine. When you work in an office all day, being able to escape into the sun, even if it’s just for a few minutes, is just the best thing ever

Food: Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Macadamia and Cranberry cereal bars. I’ve eaten an entire box in the last week. They are too tasty

Experience: Seeing The Cat Empire perform at Somerset House last week. The weather was ace, the setting beautiful and the band amazing. It was a great evening

Read/watch: I’ve just started watching American Horror Story (ever so late to the party) and I’m completely hooked. It’s seriously freaky but really addictive

Beauty bit: I’ve been putting my Hydraluron Moisture Jelly in the fridge in an attempt to combat this heat and it has the most amazingly cooling effect on my face. It’s my favourite thing to use every morning

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* my oh-so mature desk decorations *


* double trouble *


* the new topshop metallics range is ace *


* casually hanging out at the bottom of my bag *


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