There’s nothing I like more than a day at the beach, or a day spent chilling by the pool. I plonk myself on a towel/sun lounger and that’s where I tend to stay. All. Day. Long. 

And in order to facilitate the aforementioned day-long vegetation, I like to ensure that I lug along every item that I might need during my water-side chill time. Call me over-prepared but I personally think it’s nice to know that when you leave your hotel room – or if you’re lucky enough to live nice and close to a pool or a beach, your house! – you’ve got everything you could possibly want or need right there in your beach bag.

We’ve got the most basic bits and pieces – suncream of choice is the Garnier Ambre Solaire Light and Silky SPF 30 Sun Cream, an SPF 50 lip balm that I picked up in a goody bag, sunglasses – make sure they have proper UV protection! – and a good book to keep you occupied while you enjoy some tanning time. I’m currently re-reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgensterna beautiful book that I haven’t been able to put down since picking it up a few days ago. A quick tip when it comes to books however – make sure that you keep them in the shade whenever you’re not reading otherwise the sun will melt the glue that binds the pages together and you’ll end up with bits of book scattered everywhere. If y’all have hair as knotty as mine, a handy hairbrush is no doubt an absolute must-have if you’re by the beach. The Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash is a good choice if you’re after something that will take care of knots quickly and effectively without yanking out clumps of hair.

Moving on to some more luxury items… I like to bring my iPhone along so I can listen to some music (or even play a game of Tetris!) when I’m not focusing on my book. My current summer tune of choice is Iggy Azalea Fancy which I am obsessed with. We’re talking eight or nine listens a day… Too much? While I know the big over-ear headphones might be too much for some people by the pool, I find the in-ear options so uncomfortable and these Zumreed Headphones can actually be used as little mini speakers which is super handy if you decide to host an impromptu pool party.

Deodorant comes in handy if you’re out and about for a whole day and want to throw on a cover-up at the end of a long day of sunbathing and socialise with people pre-shower. My deo of choice is still the Secret Scent Expressions Clear Gel Tango Passion Deodorant which smells amazing and dries really quickly with minimum muss and fuss. For an added sweet scent, it’s nice to throw in a small bottle of perfume that you can use on the go. I’ve really been enjoying Beyonce Midnight Heat when it comes to a subtle dash of scent on the go – it’s warm and slightly spicy without being overbearing and it’s incredibly cheap so perfect to throw in your beach bag and take with you when you’re out and about.

For the ultimate luxury, it’s nice to bring along some kind of refreshing face mist to help cool you down in times of over-heating. There are loads of amazing choices out there but my personal favourite is the Sol de Janeiro Posto Cool Coconut Water Cooling and Hydrating Mist which leaves my face feeling incredibly fresh and nourished. The last item is perhaps the most important of all – apart from the SPF that is! – waterIt’s so important to keep nice and hydrated while you’re out and about in the sunshine and it’s well worth taking along some kind of bottle or sealable cup with you that you can keep topping up with ice and water while you’re out and about.

What beach bag must-haves will you guys be carrying this year?


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