Until very recently, I didn’t really have a huge amount of experience with Burberry beauty products. While I’d heard lots of lovely things about them – particularly the lipsticks and the eyeshadows – they aren’t that easy to find and for some reason never triggered that ‘must have, right now’ feeling that I get with so many other products.

But while browsing through Duty Free before boarding my flight to New York, I stumbled across a Burberry stand and thought the time had come to test the Burberry beauty waters. Having heard a fair few rave reviews about the Burberry Pale Barley Eyeshadowthat was one of the first products I put to the swatch. Now, I’ll be honest here, after admiring the beautiful packaging, I was ready to head to the till without even trying the product inside – it’s just that pretty. But try I did and I have to admit I wasn’t as immediately bowled over by the shadow than I was by the super sleek packaging.

Quality-wise, the shadow was beautiful. It smoothed on like butter, the pigmentation was great and it was easily buildable in terms of the colour and opacity. But, the colour just didn’t wow me like I thought it would. Nevertheless. the other factors won be over and off I went to NYC with my first ever Burberry beauty bit safely in tow.

Now after a few weeks of using this Burberry bad boy on a near-daily basis, I have to admit I can completely understand why this product was such a sell-out success for so long. While the colour might not have that bowl-over factor, it has quickly become one of my most-used shadows thanks to its versatility and ease-of-use. Slicked on by itself and you have a subtle, cool-toned eye look that’s subtle yet beautiful, while layered with other shadows you can create a unique smokey eye that will suit pretty much all skintones and complexions.

So what other Burberry beauty bits should I be testing out y’all? I think I’m ready to start up a bit of a collection…


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